Hello, and welcome! If you are a current customer, or curious about what makes us a different kind of lab, I hope that you find this website informative. We are an innovative lab, using the finest products on the market – ‘finest’ defined as an enduring material that exhibits superior esthetics.

Naturally, you have more questions. We would be pleased if you called us, so that we can personally discuss how to address your specific needs, and assist you in making your practice climb higher.


We wish we could say that we had a magic wand to make all of your restorations perfectly. We don’t. However, through concise directions on a prescription, and referring to your noted preferences we can, and do eliminate many of the pitfalls that so often affect client satisfaction.


Additionally, we like to follow up and review the experiences that you have had with our products a few weeks into our relationship. We want to ensure that any discrepancies from your preferred methods have been noted, and if need be, have been adjusted on our end.


At Highland Dental Laboratory, your customer is our customer. We look to mitigate any potential issues regarding the end product, long before the patient is ever in the chair. One area we can avoid an unpleasant result is with shading. To best server your/our client, we offer complimentary custom shading and custom staining. It is Highland’s perspective that this service will lessen the chance of a dentist having to re-book a patient. The right shade the first time will save on lost time and will eliminate any embarrassment between the doctor and the patient that might otherwise exist. However, and most importantly, the patient gets it right the first time.

Our Laboratory offers a professional, stylish and clean environment with which to assist your/our patients. Be comforted in knowing that we acknowledge that the positive influence to environment and personnel that the patient experienced on your premises will resume as they are here as a guest at Highland. We thank you for entrusting us with your reputation and are ever committed to providing the rich service that you deserve.


Highland Dental Laboratory has a motto, “Excellence. Timeliness. Service”. We didn’t arrive on these qualities by accident, as we feel that timeliness is a critical component for a lab’s success, and consequently a client’s needs. We are always appreciative of our clients entrusting us with their reputation – by asking us to continually deliver top quality restorations, on time. “On Time” is always early.